About Me

Alicia Trenchard

profileI have been working in the beauty and aesthetic industry since 1996. My experience includes a wide range of treatments including traditional beauty treatments, at first specialising in Electro Epilation, facial vein removal and treatment of superficial vascular and raised lesions of the skin using Diathermy and Electrolysis.

I started my career with a partner as a salon owner specialising in male grooming. The salon, named MOT, was based in central London and ran for 6years until 2002. During this time we developed the treatment offering with the newest emerging technology at that time including laser, microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Since 2002, I became part of the expansion of Renew Medica, a company that grew from 4 clinics to 14 clinics in central London and has now merged with Destination Skin.

My main role within Renew Medica was Technical Director and trainer. It was my responsibility to design and implement training programmes for new employees (beauty therapists, nurses and doctors) to carry out safe and effective laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments using various types of aesthetic equipment.

I have always had a keen interest in the latest beauty technology and gadgets and strive to find the best treatments that deliver results. I enjoy developing my scope of practice in new beauty technology as well as having my tried and tested old favourites that I know always work.

I have also worked with many skincare brands over the years and select what I believe to be the most effective ‘Hero’ products from various skincare ranges. I especially like cosmetics that are free of chemical ingredients, but have high levels of actives. There are some really interesting developments in cosmetic formulations such as growth factors and many other anti ageing ingredients. I like to think I have a skin solution for everyone at my disposal!

I will be pleased for you to browse my website and if you have any questions you can call t: 0330 223 1009 or drop me an email.