My face is in safe hands

“I have put my face in the safe hands of Dr. Mansoor Ahmed for the last 15 years, as, after many years working in the beauty industry (and having seen some truly overdone ‘work’), his are the only hands I would trust to keep me looking naturally ageless.

Dr. Ahmed understands that an artistic sensibility is key, and he spends time understanding not just how your face looks, but how it moves. He is not swayed by the latest fads, and knows how to gently tell you is something won’t work, and is diplomatically stubborn when ensuring you will still look like ‘you’-just a better, less creased, rested and more symmetrical version.

I love the fact that he sees the changing face as something holistic, that can often benefit from many small subtle interventions, rather than one large tactical change that everybody notices. In all my time working with him, I have had a lot of compliments on how I look-but none on the work I have done-and that’s the way I like it!”

Deborah G. Winchester