Facial Vein Treatment

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Facial Vein Treatment

Facial veins, capillaries and red spots can be easily removed using either Laser, IPL or Diathermy.

All methods involve heating the vessels, which are then reabsorbed by the body.

Results can be very long lasting

What will it do for me?

Finally those annoying red blemishes can be gone giving you a clearer more even complexion.

The Technology

LASER & IPL: Both methods involve passing a high energy light across the affected area. This can feel like a slight sting very briefly. The skin will be warm and red for a short while afterwards.

After a few weeks the treated veins will fade and sometimes disappear. Any remaining veins can be treated again

DIATHERMY: This method involves treating each vein individually by applying heat via a very tine probe to the vein. This is good for single veins or where veins are close to the eye (where we cannot go with the light)
If you have olive skin we may choose this method instead of the laser or IPL.

The Facts

It is expected that some bruising can occur when treating veins, which will resolve over several days and in fact can help the treatment outcome.

This treatment cannot be done whilst you are tanned or have applied fake tan.

Facial Vein Treatment Price List (PDF)

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