Ultrasound Inch Loss Proslim Treatment


Ultrasound Inch Loss Proslim Treatment


  • Proslim Ultrasound is a completely safe, comfortable and efficient treatment that targets stubborn areas of body fat
  • Measurable instant inch loss immediately after treatment with continued results over the following weeks
  • Immediately return to daily activities. Only a few sessions are needed (1 to 3)


What will it do for me?

Proslim Ultrasound is a fantastic way of helping you lose unwanted inches quickly and safely.

Ideal to have a day or two before needing to fit into that special outfit, or just to feel more comfortable in your clothes (or even without your clothes)!

Or perhaps you are preparing for your best beach body to look great in your new holiday swimwear, or maybe there’s a big event coming up where you must look amazing!

Proslim treatment could simply be a motivating treat to help you stick to your weight loss plan.


utrasound-inch-loss-technologyThe Technology

Innovative technology using low frequency ultrasound that specifically targets the adipose (fat) layer.

The ultrasound energy vibrates the fat cells causing air bubbles to form inside the cells. The cell expands so the cell wall is opened. The vibration also liquefies the triglycerides in the fat cells and this is liberated from the cells through the opened cell wall.

The body then flushes the liberated fat naturally via the lymphatic system and liver.

Ultrasound technology for treating fat has been used since the early 1990’s, and since has been used extensively, proving to be extremely popular due to it’s effectiveness and there being no reported side effects. There is literally no recovery time needed.

The Facts

After puberty the body only has a predetermined number of fat cells. If you put on weight, the fat cells expand and stretch as they fill up with fat. When the fat cells are removed they do not regrow. Therefore, any additional weight gain after ultrasound treatment will be stored in the remaining fat cells.

Click on the Factsheet for more information about the treatment, how it is performed and how to prepare for the treatment.


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