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Electrolysis (Electro Epilation)

Hair Removal options to safely treat all Skin colours and most hair types using the latest technology and tried and tested techniques.


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What will it do for me?

  • Traditional original method for long term hair reduction
  • Ideal for white, grey, red or blond hairs that do not respond to laser.
  • Suits smaller hair clusters on the Eyebrows, nipples and naval areas where laser might not be suitable

The Technology

electrolysis-1(Sometimes referred to as Electrolysis) is a permanent method of hair reduction and was once the only permanent method before laser hair removal became available.

  • After all these years of performing laser treatment I have still kept my electrolysis machine. It’s great to have that option for those little areas where laser’s not ideal. Hairs are treated precisely and individually.
  • A very small sterile probe (similar to a hair size) is carefully inserted into the hair follicle. A small amount of heat is applied that ‘cooks’ the hair root. The hair is removed immediately leaving you instantly hair free!
  • To maintain your hair removal with electrolysis, more frequent visits than for laser are required. All of this will be explained at your consultation. For more information click on the Fact Sheet.

The Facts

Click on the Factsheet for more details about Electrolysis, including risks, side effects we like to avoid and how to prepare yourself before and after treatment.