Mesotherapy is a superficial skin revitaliser and hydrating treatment whereby a selected sterile skin serum is delivered to the skin via multiple injections.

Each injection only inserts a small droplet of serum just under the skin surface. This is done rapidly across the entire skin surface using a special meso gun.

The treatment is comfortable and does not require numbing preparation. And the results are noticeable straight away!


What will it do for me?

The great thing about Mesotherapy is that there is no down time and it's a  perfect treatment to have as a hydrating skin boost before an important event, helping you look your very best.

The serum is a combination of specific vitamins, minerals, growth factors and hyaluronic acid selected for you by one our our trained consultants.

The treatment works to restore a dull complexion into a dewy radiant glow!  Benefits include:

  • Helps to even out pigmentation
  • Reduces wrinkles and lines
  • Tightens loose skin

How does it work?

Mesotherapy introduces microscopic quantities of products into the skin to treat a variety of conditions. Homeopathic medications, traditional pharmaceuticals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are a selection of products that are commonly used. All medications are selected for the specific condition being treated.

Skin rejuvenation

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