Mole Removal

Mole Removal

Moles on the face and body are very common. Love them or hate them, most of us have moles and we often get more as we age. Some moles can be unsightly and may affect your self confidence, other moles may simply be in an inconvenient area and catch when shaving or on clothes.

How it works?

We offer painless mole removal surgery for all facial and body moles. The procedure is performed by a qualified doctor under local anaesthetic and has minimal downtime.
First, we assess the type and depth of the mole followed by an incision and a small stitch.  A dressing is applied to keep the wound clean for a few days. A small scar will be left, which will of course fade in time.  After the procedure you can resume normal activities in most cases.

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Mole Removal & Skin Tag Price List (PDF)

If your mole has changed rapidly in size and colour and has caused you some concern, please visit your GP.