Pigmentation Brown Marks


Pigmentation Brown Marks

pigmentation-marks-mainBrown patches on the face or body can suddenly appear with age, pregnancy or after sun exposure.

Treatments and products for lightening brown patches (pigmentation) aim to control the skins pigment cells whilst renewing the skin.

Chemical peels combined with use of specially formulated skincare can help to manage and even out the skin colour.

Now there are also some specific new Q Switch laser treatments that can gently break up the pigments giving a longer lasting clearing effect.

Some types of pigment are easier to treat than others, for example, hormonal pregnancy patches are much more difficult to clear than freckled sun damage. Factors that affect how your skin is treated depend on the type of pigment you have, and your skin type.

 What will it do for me?

Skin will look clearer and more even toned with less make up required to mask patches.

The Technology

CHEMICAL PEELS will exfoliate the build up of pigmented skin leaving the skin clearer and smoother. Peeling agents come in many different strengths and formulas, so the appropriate strength and depth of treatment can be selected for you. To read more ….. 

HOME USE PRODUCTS: Specially formulated Lightening serums and creams can help to gradually fade brown patches and even out the skin tone. These need to be used regularly over a period of time. ATSL offer Cosmedix  and Image skincare for their high concentration of active ingredients…….read more

The Facts

All types of pigmentation are sensitive to sunlight and will darken when exposed to the sun. Use of lightening serums may help reduce the colour, but pigment patches often reoccur during the summer or during holidays in hot places.

Some new laser treatments are offering longer lasting results


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