Red Sensitive Rosacea Skin


Red Sensitive Rosacea Skin

Red flushing vascular skin on the face, neck or chest can be treated using laser and IPL light therapy.
A good success rate with results in 3 to 6 treatments.

What will it do for me?

Most People commonly report that their redness and flushing is very much reduced after just one or two treatments, and when it does occur, doesn’t last as long. This is a relief for you if you have had to put up with embarrassing red cheeks from even the slightest trigger.

The skin will look healthier, clearer and calm.





The Technology

Using either a laser or IPL (and sometimes a combination of the two), pulses of light are passed over the red skin area and the tiny vessels.

The light heats up the tiny vascular structures that are responsible for the redness. The heat ‘closes up’ these vessels thus making them unable to fill up with blood.

This is a very well established procedure that offers great results in just a few treatments and as little as one session can make a big difference.

HOMECARE products for red sensitive skin are specially formulated with calming ingredients. No Parabens (preservatives) or petrochemical ingredients to avoid irritation.

The Facts

Rosacea, red sensitive skin is a systemic problem and is usually genetic. Laser/IPL treatment can resolve or reduce symptoms for a long period of time, but over time the condition may progress and require more treatment.

The skin will be warmed during treatment and may feel hot and red for a few hours afterwards. Sometimes some mild bruising can occur that will resolve over a few days and in fact helps the clearing of the vessels.