Hydrating Infusion


Hydrating Infusion Treatment


  • InfusionTM Electro-mesotherapy is an alternative to traditional injection mesotherapy
  • It offers all the benefits of traditional mesotherapy, instead using special electrical algorithm to infuse purified nutrients through the skin layers without the use of needles.
  • InfusionTM offers the perfect, non-invasive solution to a variety of cosmetic conditions including Antiageing, Skin rehydration, Pigmentation, Skin firming and toning. Often used as a final touch after other aesthetic treatment such as radiofrequency and microdermabrasion.

What will it do for me?

InfusionTM revitalizes the skin with enriching solutions that leave you feeling supple, refreshed, and radiant. The solution selected for you will be chosen for your skins needs.

There is now a new concentrate for lightening and reducing brown marks and pigmentation. The electroporation pushes active ingredients right down where they are needed to work for optimum results

The Technology

Based on the well established science of electroporation, InfusionTM maximizes cell permeability and absorption

• The InfusionTM IonwaveTM increases skin permeability to allow the safe passage of natural healing compounds. Precisely crafted pulse waves temporarily open micro channels through the cell membrane to bypass the stratum corneum layer without puncturing the skin.

• IonwaveTM Effects: When the IonwaveTM properties come in contact with the cell they begin the structural rearrangement of the lipid bilayer to form micro pores in the cell membrane.

• As the gatekeepers to the cell, micro channels enable or restrict the passage of natural nutritional compounds and extracts. Micro channels are short-lived and reseal soon after compounds are delivered.

The Facts

Because the treatment delivers a form of electrical impulse, it is not recommended to undergo Infusion electroporation if you have metal implants in the treatment area, or if you have any electrical medical aids such as heart pacemakers etc.

Please read the fact sheet for more information

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