Wrinkles & Loose Skin


Wrinkles Loose Skin

wrinkles-loose-skin-main-1Wrinkles and slacking skin is mainly due to loss of collagen, elastin and ‘packing tissue’ as we age.

There are various treatments used alone or in combination that help to restore this loss, including Chemical Peeling, Microneedling (like dermaroller) and deep tissue heating (Radiofrequency)

Collagen renewal cycle naturally takes around 3 to 9 months (age depending) so a rejuvenation program is usually carried out over several weeks or months to observe optimum results.

Photographs taken before and after will help to assess your progress.

What will it do for me?

Wrinkles appear smoother, jawline feels and looks more contoured, skin appears fresher and more vibrant.

The Technology

CHEMICAL PEELING  treats the skin surface and stimulates the upper dermis. The main effect is to smooth and tighten the skin texture improving appearance of lines, pores and even out blemishes

MICRONEEDLING  There are a few devices designed to deliver microneedles into the skin. This targets both upper and lower dermis, causing numerous tiny injuries that stimulate new collagen growth.

RADIOFREQUENCY (RF) SKIN TIGHTENING  RF is a safe deep penetrating energy that creates heat deep in the dermis. The causes a tightening and toning effect, great for jowls and loose skin.

The Facts

Non surgical ‘facelifting’ and tightening treatments can give subtle or quite dramatic results, and depend on how your skin responds to the treatment.

To help optimise the rejuvenating effect, we recommend to avoid alcohol, sugary foods and toxins a few days before treatments and as much as possible after treatment.


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