Skin Tags Warts

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Skin Tags Warts

leg-vein-treatment-1leg-vein-treatment-2Those fleshy skin tags often seen around the neck, underarms and other body areas are easily removed using heat (diathermy). Some types of wart and other benign skin growths can also be safely removed.

Treatment is very well tolerated and very successful leaving the skin clear as if nothing were ever there!

What will it do for me?

Skin tags and ‘bits’ growing on the skin can get quite annoying, catching on necklaces, clothing and generally not great looking either.

Immediately after treatment the lesions are mostly gone with anything that remains coming off after a few days. A few weeks later the skin will look completely clear.

The Technology

A fine sterile probe is used to cauterise the tags (warts or lesions). This method is sometimes referred to as ‘Advanced Electrolysis’ It is simply heat that removes them. You will feel some slight stinging but this is very tolerated and stops as soon as the treatment is over.

Afterwards there is no special aftercare, only to avoid rubbing or touching the treated areas.

A touch up treatment may be needed a few weeks later but this is unusual.

The Facts

Occasionally some people report that skin markings remained for a few weeks. Eventually they will clear, but very rarely a small skin marking may persist. New lesions may form over time but these can be removed when they appear.