Chemical & Fruit Peeling


Chemical & Fruit Peeling

  • Chemical or Fruit Acid skin peeling treatment speeds up the removal and replacement of the top layer of skin
  • The Peeling process is used to treat lines, pores, texture and various other skin surface irregularities such as pigmentation
  • The result is a smoother clearer complexion

What will it do for me?

Although ‘Peeling’ and ‘Fruit Acid’ may seem like harsh things for the skin, it is actually a way of stimulating a completely natural skin renewal process. To help the process, your skin will be ‘fed’ with lots of vitamins and anti ageing ingredients at the same time.

Afterwards your skin will look and feel smoother and more even than ever before!

You will find you need less, or even no make up and when you do apply make up it will glide on so much more easily. You will always be ready for your close up! Pores (and scars) will appear smaller and smoothed; lines are softened and skin tone & colour more uniform.

The Technology

There are several types of peeling agents and some specific mixtures of peeling agents that come in different strengths. The most common ingredients used to resurface the skin include Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid and several others. Some stronger agents for deeper peeling include an acid called TCA.

Depending on your requirements and the thickness of your skin (and several other factors) a suitable peeling mixture will be advised at your consultation.

Most peeling agents used today have been used for many years so the treatment procedure is very well established.

The more recent developments of the peeling mixtures have actually made the procedure even easier and more predictable than before, and now include active ingredients to aid skin renewal such as Retinols, Growth Factor Peptides, Vitamins and so on.

A slightly deeper ‘moderate’ chemical or Fruit peel usually requires a few days of skin shedding. It is advisable to allow about 10-14 days from ‘Peel’ to ‘Reveal’

Worth it though!

The Facts

The actual peeling treatment dislodges the skin then the affected top layer will gradually shed off over the following days.

How much skin and how heavy the peeling depends on the strength of the peeling agent and the thickness and oiliness of your skin to start with.

During and for some time after this process it is advisable to stay out of the sun and wear a high factor SPF moisturiser and use the appropriate recommended after care.

After the treatment there may be a very small risk of being more prone to bacteria and pathogens so please adhere to the aftercare advice.

To find out all the details you need to know please read the Fact Sheet.

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